Friday, October 19, 2012

Dome tutorial

1. Take 2 custom 14inch plastic domes(can be ordered online, just Google plastic domes)
2. Use double stick tape pieces(can be bought at any office supplies store) make sure the tape pieces are 1-2 millimeters think.

 3. Place the piece of tape at the edge of the dome. Apply the tape symmetrically to both sides.
4. Gently place the dome with tape on top of other dome, leaving about 1/5 inches between them. Do not stick the domes together, this is just a fitting.

5. Apply the tape all around the rest of the dome like so, then stick the domes together permanently.

6. Epoxy, we used 3M Scotch-Weld with mixing applicator

7. Seal the edges where the domes meet(where the tape is) to make the dome air-tight 

 8. Drill a small hole in the top dome and pour in water. The seal the hole with tape.
Should look like this, water shouldn't be leaking anywhere
Underwater Alien suit headpiece is finished!! More tutorial coming soon!

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